If you are a non profit organization looking for sponsorship support for your event or program, we can help you find cash sponsors, donors and in-kind supporters.

We know that grant programs are competitive and many non-profit organizations are competing for financial support. We have the proven track record of building effective sponsorship presentation so you can win your sponsorship pitches.

We work with you to define your goals, to gather a list of target clients who align with programs and values, and finally we develop a presentation outlining the marketing opportunities for promoting your sponsors’ brand.

  • In-Kind Donations
  • Cash Sponsorship
  • Community Partnerships
  • Media Contra

We can help your organization get financial support through sponsorships.

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Media Contra

We can help you secure media sponsors so you can create marketing value for your sponsorship program

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In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations from the community partners can help you reduce your operational costs and stretch your budget.

communication agile marketing

Cash Sponsorship

Financial sponsorship from corporations is competitive but having a great story and pitch can help you win their support.

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