Green Revolution: Promoting Sustainable Solutions to Convert and Retain Customers


EasyWare Packaging (not the real name) specializes in providing biodegradable, and compostable food packaging solutions to a variety of restaurant types. Their client base consisted of key client accounts contributing to 50% of their revenue while the other 50% of their client portfolio consisted of smaller, independent establishments such as coffee shops, bakeries and convenience stores, making up the remaining 50%.

For many years, they manufactured plastic take away, food delivery containers and cutlery. They enjoyed high margins due to the cost efficiency of plastic ware production. However, with the new environmental regulations imposed on the restaurant and retail sectors, coupled with heightened consumer consciousness about sustainability, prompted the company to pivot towards a more sustainable solution. 

Transitioning from plastic to compostable and biodegradable materials was not an easy sell to their current customers. Because the cost of the eco-friendly products were higher and perceived to be less durable, Easyware had difficulty selling the benefits of the new eco-friendly packaging to customers, especially those who prioritized price and practicality. 

The food packaging industry has a low barrier to entry, intense competition driven by price considerations. As a result, customer relationships tend to be transactional, with businesses who value cost effectiveness over customer service. 

Despite EasyWare’s reputation for affordability, convenience and reliability, the shifting market dynamics required a strategic shift. The Company needed to reeducate its customers about the benefits and advantages of its new, eco-friendly packaging products and how they align with the changing consumer preferences and regulatory requirements.


Because of the new regulations banning non biodegradable plastic containers and cutlery, restaurants were faced with the challenge of phasing out their supplies –  costly exercise that was met with resistance. 

With many restaurants still recovering from the financial impact of the pandemic, the idea of incurring an increase in operational expense was not a palatable direction. Balancing environmental obligations with profitability considerations placed restaurants in a tough position once again.

In order to convince their customers to switch from plastic to compostable food containers, EasyWare needed to provide a compelling reason for the switch while emphasizing its  environmental benefits. However, some skeptics remained unconvinced, denying the existence of plastic pollution and presenting further resistance.


To overcome customer concerns, we launched a comprehensive marketing campaign highlighting the benefits of eco-friendly materials and positioning EasyWare as a leader in  environmental responsibility.

Our thought leadership program included a series of blog articles, social posts, and videos that promoted sustainability practices and educated potential customers on the positive impact of transitioning from plastic to compostable materials. Backed by factoids, statistics and research from reputable organizations such as Environmental Science and Technology, our content provided compelling evidence for the advantages of embracing sustainable packaging solutions.

In addition to the content campaign, we revamped EasyWare’s product descriptions  to highlight its compliance with new regulations, while also focusing on its durability and suitability for a wide range of hot, cold, dry and wet food products. This strategic approach aimed to reassure customers about the environmental credentials of EasyWare’s offerings while highlighting the practical benefits.


The educational campaign successfully shifted customer perceptions, leading to a significant number of conversions and transitions to eco-friendly packaging solutions. Within the initial month, approximately 50% of EasyWare’s customer base placed orders for the new biodegradable containers, with many more quickly following suit.

By proactively addressing the growing environmental consciousness among consumers, EasyWare provided a solution that resonated with the challenges faced by its customer base. The campaign positioned the company as a thought leader in sustainability, enhancing its reputation and credibility within the industry.

We can design a comprehensive marketing program to assist you in educating and reshaping customer perceptions.